New disk for 500Gb MBWE (blue rings)

Hi all.

I think I have a big problem. I’ve got an empty MBWE (the blue ring 500Gb version) and I’d like to put inside a disk.

I’ve found a WD 500Gb HDD as the original one, but it’s totally empty.

I suppose I need to place on the disk the OS files in order to let the MBWE work; here is the problem. Reading online I’ve understood there is no downloadable way to do it… and what is worst you must be Linux user to try something.

This is the situation: empty MBWE, new WD HDD, windows user.

Any suggestion for me?

Thanks in advance!


I have your same problem, have you found a solution?



Hi Jacopo,

sorry but I’m still looking for a solution. It seems there could be an automated procedure but you have to donate 10 euro in order to have it (take a look here: I’m not so sure of what they promise. I’ve found on a russian web site a file like the one described there, but it’s only for the two discs version.

The other way I’ve found is for Linux users and I’m not…

Stay in contact and please advice me in case you’ll find a solution.

I can say more: I’ve got the original WD disc contained in the MBWE, but it has been inserted in a pc desktop, all the partition deleted and finally formatted (using fast format in win XP). I’ve tried to connect in a PC in order to restore the partions but there is no way to let it be releved by the pc (I see it from the bios but not in XP disc management).

No other idea…

My regards, Luca.

edit: Here the Linux solution:

Hope you havepractice with Linux, so you would explain step by step the way to solve… :slight_smile: