New Discovery!

Ok, I just figured out how to make the tile (file name) show up in one place for preview, and large video icons.

Yeah me!!!:wink:

I’m releasing a new version of Mojo in a day or 2 and will also tell how to do this at release.   Sorry for the suspense, but I want to get the new Mojo beta out first.

Now instead of this:



Now we have this: Preview_render_new.jpg


Ok, now that I’ve updated MOJO, I’ll share with you how to get the file name to appear in a single location for all the non-gallery views (except for List View).

All you have to do is to delete the current “description” lines and add this line to the xml:


Using your own corrodinantes and text color of course.  That’s all, now the description should appear in one location and change when you select the next file.

Have fun!  Don’t forget to show some love! :wink:


below it, there is Filetype:mkv

is there a way to show the movie name minus the extention?

No.  Showing the file name is the only thing that you can do, the other “non-gallery” views do not use the xml data so it shows the file name.