New digiphotos directly to My Cloud?


How to use this system more effective to save new photos to My Cloud from SD card?

What I have to do now:

New photos and videos from SD card via MS Photo Gallery

to HP laptop hard disk

From there I have to move daily to My Book to get space to the hard disk of my laptop.

As daily task this has startled to irritate while I do have a My Cloud 4 TB

but I am unable to direct my new photos to My Cloud directly!

I only manage to get new photos there via the hard disk of my laptop

My system:

Win 7 Hp Laptop, hard disk 600 GB

Microsoft Photo Gallery

SD card

1,5 TB My Book  ( too full…)

3,0 TB My Book  ( too full this too )

4,0 TB My Book  ( totally empty, bought December 2013 )

4,0 TB My Cloud  (almost empty, newest, almost empty)

 Due to my dear hobby there are photos, videos a lot

and also Tv recordings and audio recordings a lot.

All very space consuming.

All my photos have all for years been in Microsoft Photo Gallery

and I have added tags in MS Photo Gallery for all photos

What I have tried to get done:

To be able to bring my new photos via Ms Photo Gallery directly to WD My Cloud,

to be able to access them wireless also on my trips and with my smart phone.

But although I have linked My Cloud and named is as disk " W "

however my Photo Gallery / Settings / Add folder /

does not show this disk W in my home net

although I do see disk W in my laptop’s Windows Explorer.

This truly bothers me while it would be so time saving to get all new photos from SD card,

via MS Photo Gallery directly to My Cloud! And not have to move each new photo daily to

My Cloud.

Please would you have some idea, is there something I have not noticed?

Thought that linking My Cloud and giving it disk name, here W

would have solved this, but not.

Thank you so much!

I have hard to think I would be alone with this problem,

while there are millions of Ms and WD customers all over this huge globe! :slight_smile:

Have you tried SmartWare and automatic backup?


Have your read the User Manual?


Don’t you have WD My Cloud showing in your network? Since you have Windows 7 open My Cloud in one window and your photo library in another then place them side by side and drag and drop.


I use Google and Google+ and have the Google+ app on my cell phone. My phone is set up to where any photos or short videos I take with it are sent to my, My Cloud.


Edited: I am adding these links to information you may want to look at.

Click on Features and look at bottom right of page, Direct photo uploads from your camera with USB 3.0. I have not tried this so I do not know if or how it works.



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Thank You so much for all your comments, suggestions and links!

In fact so much new to me and will now start to study your links

and will return after some learning. :slight_smile:

Also this backup is new while my HP has Win 7 Home Premium and

I was so used to the fact that my Win 7 lacks back up function which

e.g. Win 7 Pro has.

So I quess I need to start downloading Smart Ware Pro,

if I understood correctly it would is to be downloaded for free?

Have a great day!

Yes, WD SmartWare is free, you can download here, . This will give you the basic SmartWare then you will have to download the Pro, it is free too.


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