New device won't connect but is online

Hello Guys!
There was an incomprehensible situation. I bought a new WD Cloud Houme, but I can’t initialize it. I can’t do it either from a PC (google chrome browser), or from an android application, or from an IOS application and Safari browser. The box is seen on the network, all ports are forwarded, but a constant unforeseen error appears … I don’t know what to do anymore, at least bring it back to the store. Tech support is silent…
Who had something similar, what to do?

Did you try to do a hard reset? (If not, could you show up the error message in English?)

Yes, I did a hard reset. I held it for a little over 60 seconds. The box turned off and restarted the system for some time, but this did not give any result. I’ll post a screenshot in English a little later. Error: “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.”