New Device stuck on logo screen after updating manually!


I just bought this device and want to update it but i couldn’t do it automatically update so I did it manually but after that it got stuck in the logo screen and no flashing at all even if I turn it off and turn it on again , no flashing and this is new wd live hub !! I will lose my mind becz of that 300$ for not working device for no reason !!

please help me


please help me



Have you tried resetting the unit using the physical button on the back of the unit?


yes i tried that and I kept holding it for 10 seconds

i think my only problem is the firmware didn’t installed completely so i think is there a way to reinstall it again , i tried everything but it didn’t work even i checked if the device connected via internet so i can do something from my laptop but unfortunately the device stuck in the blue logo screen and i can’t find access to reinstall the firmware again


Hi - saw your post from Aug '16 - hopefully u fixed things - if not see my post from March '18. I managed to rollback to the very first firmware ‘upgrade’ and box is now working again. I have not attempted to do incremental upgrades - just happy to get the box working. No concrete evidence but contrary to what WD support advised (no need to do incremental upgrades simply install the latest) I have a feeling that incremental is the way to go but wil read the release notes first to see if I get any benefit from each upgrade.