New customer thinking of buying, couple questions

I am a new customer thinking of buying the Hub but had a few questions.

First of all, is there a new version of this media player releasing soon? If so, i will just wait to buy to the newer release.

Second, will the WD Live Hub play subtitles files embedded into .mkv’s?

What type of subtitles files will the Hub Play? Everything? or just .srt’s? How about .idx’s and .sub’s?

And if i have an .avi file and have a subtitle file associated with it, How can I go about viewing those subtitles? Does the Hub recognize them if they’re in the same folder as the .avi and play them automatically or do i have to manually load that subtitle file?

All responses are greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Well, first, only WD knows what is will be released next and WD does not give a “comming soon” preview of what is to be released.  So, as this is a user forum, know one knows what will be released by WD in the near future.

Second, all support formats can be found here:

I only have experience with .srt files. They work fine, but not if you’re accesing something via Media Server. Network Share will work, though I’ve never set that up properly for my NAS. Files on the internal drive play correctly, so I keep most of that subtitled stuff there. Subtitles in .mkv files do show up.