New Crosshair V Formula Z RAID BIOS doesn't recognize pair of WD740GD drives

Here’s some background:

The new Asus motherboard does not recognize a pair of Western Digital WD740GD 74 GB Raptor, 10K RPM, hard drives (actual model number is WD740GD-00FLA1) when I set the BIOS setting to RAID (for SATA ports 1-4). I set the Board SATA RAID ROM to Legacy ROM. When the motherboard POSTs, the RAID ROM starts up trying to detect the drives but never does. Eventually it comes up with a message, “Warning - Something wrong with your hardware.”
This is not true. The drives came out of my last computer which was working perfectly. Both drives were installed in that machine in a functional RAID 0 array. But to be sure, I connected them, individually, to another computer and they worked fine. I could even access their SMART info. To be sure there wasn’t anything left on them that might interfere with detection in the new Asus motherboard, I used the diskpart “clean” command on them to wipe out all partition info on them.
When I attach the drives to my new Asus motherboard in AHCI mode, they are detected and show up in the BIOS. When I activate the AMD RAID Option ROM though, it can’t see them. I appears that the RAID Option ROM can’t detect these drives. The RAID ROM version is 3.3.1540.17. Why won’t the RAID ROM detect these drives when everything else does?

I posted the following in the ROG forum and so far haven’t gotten any useful responses:

Two Raptor 74GB 10K SATA hard drives not being picked up by the AMD RAID ROM. They came out of my last computer in which I connected them to a Gigabyte board in a RAID 0 array.

I tried a Seagate 500 GB drive attached to my new Asus board and the AMD RAID ROM picked it right up. When I set the mobo BIOS to AHCI, it does detect the Raptors as separate drives. I’ve even hooked the drives up to another computer was even able to view their SMART data.

Tried chat support which ended with advice on checking with HDD support. Visited WD’s support and found that these particular drives do not support NCQ but instead only support TCQ. Is that why the AMD RAID ROM can’t detect them?

Thanks for your help.


You can try checking if there are any driver updates for the RAID controller.

Thanks for the reply.  I have posted that question already on the Asus ROG forum.