New created resources are Public only and no way to make it Personal after firmare 2.10.310 upgrade

in Resorces section create new Resource item, that is auto created as Public, trying set Public option to Off - becomes “Updating” but no luck… after manual refreshing page in browser Public option still ON… before firmware upgrading to 2.10.310 disabling new addes resource’s Public option worked but does not work now! Have ideas?

Hi, have you tried resetting the unit by pressing the reset button in the back? Have you tried rebooting the drive? Have you tried a different browser?

It also happens to me the same problem, but including that if I create new users I can’t set permissions to read/write their private folder, and if I remove rights from an user and set it again as it was, the permissions are gone (even if the admin website shows that these permissions are set to read/write) and access to the shares is denied.

Anyone knows how to fix this?