New Computer

I am purchasing a new computer. Will I be able to plug in my passport and retrieve all of the data on it in my new system? It will be the same O/S.

Hi there, The drive should work also on another computer if it has the drivers required loaded, you have two options to do this, you can manually store the files on the drive,  or Retrieve the files if you backed up using the WD Smartware going to Retrieve tab and select the option to retrieve In a Retrieved content folder, since “The Original Places” will no longer be available.

Thank you, I guess my concern is being able to put all my mail contacts and files on my new system so that they are accessible. This is a work computer and I have many files that I need to transfer.

As a matter of fact, regardless you create an automatic back up plan, I would recommend you that you manually transfer the files to the drive, hence this is the easiest way to use this drive and you do not require any software for the drive to work.

What are you backing up with? Smartware is picky on which files it backs up. I think e mail data has been a problem and retrival to new system isn’t simple either.