New Computer & WD Live Can't See it? Help

I just bought a new computer with Windows 8 and WD Live is not recogizing the server / Serviio.

This was working like a charm for me in my old computer.  What gives?  Can anyone offer me some advice?  What crazy setting is blocking WD Live from seeing my computer and server? 

Additional Notes for anyone because I hope to get this solved:

WD Live can still recognize my old computer. 

I’ve turned off windows firewall in Windows 8 (new computer

I’ve also loaded Mezzmo on my new computer, thinking it might be a problem with Serviio.  But WD Live doesn’t recognize Mezzmo either.

What is the conflict with WD Live and Windows 8???

Does anyone know something else to check?

No one has replied but I wanted to let this forum know that I got this resolved.  Called Sony Tech Support and after 30 minutes of troubleshooting was able to get it resolved. 

Can’t really post why (for others that may have the problem in the future).  But good news is that some tech support are able to handle the issue, which I was surprised by.  But then again I spent $900 on the computer, so I’m sure they don’t want me to return it. 

I definitely can’t do without the WD Live.