New Computer---old my book live

I have a my book live which is networked/ My old Dell is backed up to it… Since Christmas I have been using a new HP laptop and have been moving files selectively using a thumb drive. My hp has got to go to the shop because of a hardware problem. Can I back it up to the networked “MY BOOK LIVE”? Do I load the software I have on a disc (came with the My Book Live) or should I download more current software?

There is also a MacBook Pro in the house. Can it also be backed up to this same MY BOOK LIVE. if so, where do I get the software for that?



I suggest you start with the manual, you can find it online, google for it. Once you get it, if you have further questions, let us know. It will have all your answers in regards to the Win and Mac machines.

And yes, download the latest software for whatever you need.

Or just go here: