New computer and with windows 7

Have My Book Essential 1TB, backed up my old computer  running windows VISTA , now my New computer is running windows 7.( can not down load manual for drive).  So how do I retrieve my files? Old computer is dead.

What did you use to backup old files?

I backed up the old drive with WD Smartware that came with the drive.  The old drive is dead and I just got a whole new computer, rather than fix the old one.

If you installed Smartware on the new PC and it won’t  restore I don’t know what to do. I only used it once and uninstalled it Its a bit quirky I don’t know if this video will help or not.  Is the link you are looking for?

I wish they’d quit changing the site!

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I have the software on the new computer, not problem. Error message when downloding manual, and I did not want to try anything without more information.  I will just email them and see about getting the manual before I start.