(new) codec to play stereo with HDMI connection

My new blue ray films m2ts are not playing in stereo with WD tv live and HDMI connection  The files playing well on my 4 years old blueray player, and my PC.

But i want to play them with WD TV Live. Sound is misarable!! (missing a new codec???)

But sound is ok with digitale pass trough optical, and connect with audio reseiver.

I have the latest firmware installated. Release 1.16.13 (7/23/2013) I saw your site that somewone had the problem in 2011. http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8625/p/208,393/session/L3RpbWUvMTM4MzExNDkxOS9zaWQvN…
I think whit a new codec it wil be working? When you think a new update software wil by available?

Greetings from Holland

There is no new codec.

What Bluray is it ?

That 2011 post is to do with encoding of files by external programmes, and it was 2011.

What audio stream does it not support, what audio streams are in the file ?

A normal bluray, and this is playing good in my Philips blueray player, without connecting to my audio receiver, only HDMI.

Now i have the live tv conecting with a optical cable to my audio receiver, (and not whit HDMI)

now it is playing good.

But i have to use the optical cable.

My bluray player can bouth.

That’s way i think the WD live tv is missing a codec!!!

It would be a lot easier if you said what would not play.  I am guessing its DTS-HD.

Read post 2 in this thread.


What do you have the Audio Output set too?

You have to set it as “Stereo” for it to downmix to stereo.  If you have it set to “Digtal Pass-Through” either HDMI or Optical it will pass-through all audio and not downmix.

Yes the settings i put is right.

I tryed everything also other settings.

I let it connect with optical sound output, en wil wait for maby a new codec?!?!?!

You keep saying waiting for a codec.

Yet you do not mention what is not working ?

No new sound format has came out, you won’t tell anyone what sound format is not working for you, so how’s anything going to get better ?

I have bad sound with only HDMI stereo conection to my TV.

Audio output HDMI 2 speakers is not working.Because the file’s on hard disk are dolby 5.1?!?!

But they play well with my bluray player.

Now i have made also a connetion whit optical cable to my receiver.and  Dolby 5.1 sound is now great.

Digital Pass Through via Optical Only.

But i also want to hear file’s in stereo. Without using my receiver!!!

Only my TV, and WD TV live and externel HD with HDMI Connection

Matheus wrote:

I have bad sound with only HDMI stereo conection to my TV.

Audio output HDMI 2 speakers is not working.Because the file’s on hard disk are dolby 5.1?!?!

But they play well with my bluray player.

Unless your TV decodes Dolby 5.1 via HDMI, you’ll need to set your audio mode on the WDTV to Stereo.

If you still get no audio using these settings, then I don’t know what’s wrong.   

I had my settings on HDMI stereo, but is was not working.

If you reed my first post.

How is your HDMI connections setup?

When trying to play Stereo through your TV is your HDMI connected to your AVR then to your TV?  Or is your HDMI connected directly to the TV? Do you have both your Optical and HDMI cables connected when attempting to do this?

By stereo we plugged the HDMI directly to TV. Sound not ok in stereo.

Tryed every setting in sound menu of the TV Live box.

Now we have still de HDMI cable connect to TV live box and also de optical cable in TV live and in our receiver.

Setting in TV live box switcht to Digital Pass Through via Optical Only.

Sound is great but i have to switch on my receiver also.

I want also hear good sound without my receiver!!!

What brand and model is your TV?

The only guess I have at this point is that your TV can’t decode PCM 2.0 (which would be very rare.)

TV is not the problem, because when i play the file with my bluray player and my tv with HDMI connection it is working 100%.

The problem is the WD tv live and HDMI playing stereo!!!

No, from what you are saying it sounds more like your settings on your TV are wrong.  Especially since your saying that your have to have your AVR on to get sound out even over Optical.

As was asked, it would be helpful to know what model/brand your TV is.

It would be helpful to know lots of things, as in what sound he is trying to play for a start !

But he seems more interested in saying it should play, than helping anyone, and that includes himself.

TV is Sony Bravia KDL-40V2000

Dolby surround 5.1

What do you have your Surround option on your TV set at ?

Yes i tryed again also my tv settings.But no succes. The sound that i hear is like karaoke. No singing.

Also tryed every way of settings with connecting only HDMI no succes.

Now again back connect the optical cable with my receiver and wd tv live box, and setting through optical. Sound OK.