New case for my passport

Has anyone cracked open their my passport HD case and put the drive into a new case?  If so is the UDF partition then removable?

I’ve pretty much given up on this thing,model WDBACY5000ABK. I have tried to hide the UDF partition but it is still visable.  When I run WD SmartWare Virtual CD Manager for Windows-v1.0.7.4.exe  it responds with “No device found”, but

when I look using win explorer both are visable. In my case G is the WD Unlocked (UDF) partition and H is the remaining 465GB.

I just figured it would be less hassle to get a new case and utilize the whole drive than battle with this thing any more.

The Unlocker may appear only if a password has been set to the drive.  Not sure if the drive will work in a different enclosure, I think that the USB port is built-in t he internal drive.