New Calexico warehouse isn't processing orders!

Hope management sees this…

My pending advanced RMA’s have sat for a week. My account has 100+ successful orders for 2 years, always processed fast, but now for 2 weeks, my RMA’s have sat, unprocessed.

& I know 2 clients that also are waiting for their Advanced RMA’s to ship.

Defeating the purpose completely.

This warehouse is a joke. What happened to the Louisville Kentucky warehouse? They processed orders within a reasonable time frame. This new 3rd party warehouse handling WD’s orders doesn’t do anything for weeks. They are a disgrace and are making WD look bad!

@taby Have you tried contacting them?

Hi taby,

We have recently experienced some delays in processing RMA requests. As of August 20th all processing delays have been addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi taby,

Please check your private message.