New Buyer question : Maximum for Encrypted? Password?


I am a possible new customer, i caint find this information anywhere but a Website Review says that there is 4TB maximum for encryption.

Is this information true?

I want to buy the 12TB (So 6TB in Raid1) version. So i would be over.

Also, how is the encryption working? is it a Key? A password? I hope, because i want to be able to recover my data on another computer if my house explode and only the NAS is left.


Hello Rouche,

There is no limit with amount of capacity that you can encrypt on your My Cloud device. The encryption would be setup for your while 6TB in RAID 1.

  1. The My Cloud system can be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data from unauthorized access and theft. You can enable volume encryption at the time of creating the volume and mount it with normal read/write access privileges.

  2. Depending on your configuration, you can also setup volume encryption to automatically mount volumes so you do not have to repeatedly enter the required encryption credentials.

You can follow the below link to know how can you encrypt a RAID volume on a My Cloud device: