New build Win10 install - M2 SSD not listed in BIOS

New build, installing Windows 10 (64 bit) from external Media Tool.

Asrock X570 Creator motherboard, CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

The BIOS does not list the SSD (WD Blue 3D NAND (2000GB, M.2 2280)) installed in the M2 socket.

When installing Windows 10 from media on a USB stick, the installation halts because no drive is found; it requests a driver.

What should I do? Where can I find the driver that is being requested? What BIOS setting should I change to make the SSD detected.

I have gone through countless forums with many suggestions, none of which have worked.

Thank you for any help

in most M.2 compatible boards that slot is share with PCIE so what they normally have the M.2 disabled, goto bios and look in internal hardware settings you should find a place to enable it.

manual refence :