New Bug: My Net N900 FW 1.05.12 + Amazon Kindle (Latest Model) = Internet + Wireless Connection Loss

I have just discovered a new cause of issues with My Net N900. When my Amazon Kindle (latest version without backlight) attempts to connect to My Net N900 FW 1.05.12 which has 2.4GHz wireless network in b+g+n mixed mode, Internet connection instantly goes down on all wirelessly connected devices (and local network shares become inaccessible, too), it takes 3 to 5 minutes for the router to restore everything. If I change 2.4GHz wireless network b+g+n mixed mode to n-only, Kindle can connect to the router just fine. Did anyone else experience the same or similar issue?

Weird, haven’t seen that problem before, did you notices if it stated to happen on the 1.05.12 FW or before?