New BUG in files Management

In Firmware Version 1.04.17_V for WD TV Live, when you tries to copy/move a file into an empty or without media files directory  you gets an error saying “no media files in this folder”

Is it possible to post a screen shot of the issue for others to see? It would greatly be appreciated.

(In advance, sorry, my English isn’t good enough.)

I’ll try to explain in detail. I created the next scenario in wdtvlive attached disk:

Folder tree

The empty folders were created in a computer and, for first time, these folders were presented to wdtvlive. Then I copied “video_file.avi”  from “Test” folder to “1 Empty_folder” without any problem.

copy screenshot

OK. Then I deleted the “video_file.avi” that I copied into “1 Empty_folder” and, with “Management Files”, I get into “2 Empty_folder”. Then it shows an information message: (Translated) “No media Files in actual folder”

  No media files in a folder

When WDTV knows there aren’t media files in a folder or subfolders tree, then these empty folders disappears from directory list. And doesn’t matter if there any other file types in the folder.

  Empty folders disappears


Consequently: it occurs that is impossible copy or move files into empty folders or, exactly, “no media files folders” once WDTV knows that fact.