New apps - just lots of old dross showing?

At first I thought we were getting loads of new stuff in the latest firmware, but most of it is all from the 1 company adRise, and just seems to be the same app repeated multiple times, just with a different skin for a different genre of programmes. And most of the stuff being shown is old bargain bucket stuff by the looks of things.

Am I missing something here ?

Or is this just a cynical attempt to ‘monetize’ gullible viewers (seems that is adRise’s favourite word!)

basically that’s how it looks

but I don’t think that’s a negative

something different for everybody

my wife liked the cooking shows app

and my daughter likes toon gogles

wasn’t much I would use, but

hey, there’s an anime app, somebody will want it

so all in all, I think they are just providing a bunch of options, and if you don’t use it, ok

somebody will like it

I also found that.

I liked the Starz Manga channel. Ghost in the shell season 1 and 2 are there, allways wanted to take a look at that.

Beside that I only use YoutubeLB.

Everybody will have a different preference, but the movie selection is not interesting to me.