New App - Milestone ARCUS

Milestone: Award-winning Milestone ARCUS Surveillance software delivers a powerful surveillance system. Compatible with thousands of industry-leading cameras, the system supports up to 16 cameras and includes two licenses. You can even view live or recorded surveillance video on-the-go with the complementary mobile app.

Thank you very much for sharing this information, hopefully will be of assistance to any user looking for something like this.

I let a friend know who is very much a professional in the CCTV business and I will quote below the reply I got from him. Exactly letter by letter . . . .

"I have heard of milestone before, and everyone I met that have worked with milestone wish they hadn’t. "

I am a Milestone installer, just purchased a DL2100 planning to install a surveillance system with Arcus. This sounds unbelievable, therre is no sign of support on this software, neither from WD nor Milestone. It looks like after announcing partnership they did not go any further: there is no way to understand how to make it wor. Can anyone help on this subject?