New additional internal drive won't back up on MY BOOK 2TB

Since connecting my MyBook successfully a few months ago, I have added an additional internal drive D: to supplement the existing C: drive. I can find all backed up C: folders but there does not seem to be any backing up of the new D: drive. The new D: drive is recognized as a back-up source on the Smartware home list. When I select it there are no corresponding folders shown in the MyBook back-up list.
How can I get MyBook to back up the new D: drive and the original C:? I use both all the time.

Hello there,

If you create a backup on drive D, you should be able to have this backup plan running along with another drive, try switching to drive D to see if the backup starts.

Thanks I’ll try setting up a back-up plan on drive D. So what you are saying is that Drive D is not ready to backup unlike C which is since my WD 2T was installed via C, right?

Thanks for your help. I hadn’t enabled the backup on the backup page when in Drive D:. I checked the WD2T folders and found a new separate volume created which now contains the contents of D. Perfect!