New accoutns

When I installed the software I made 3 accounts and the people all receeived the email and linked up with logon and password. Now I want to add one more account and I have no idea where to go. What program makes the accounts?

My computer shows I have “MyNet View”,  WD Smartware, and WD Link. I have opened all of those and they don’t seem to have anyplace to  make new accounts.

Read the manual’s section “creating users” and “using dashboard”. That is where I would start.


If I had the dashboard icon on my screen I would have done that. I don’t have the icon, I don’t have anything under programs that says dashboard (Windows 7). I have (2) different WD folders but they con’t have any thing that says dashboard. I had the screen that shows in the manual when I loaded everything. EWverything is working fine. I just have no idea how to get to the dashboard screen again.  I will try a file search of the C drive and see if the word dashboard pops up.

The dashboard is accessed via a webpage, not via a program.

http://(name of your mbl)

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That is why I guided you to the manual. I did not say run a program.

The manual will tell you how to acess the dashboard and how to create users.

It will also probably answer questions about other settings down the line.