New 6TB Cloned Hard Drive is Unbootable

I just cloned a 6TB WD Black from an existing 1.6TB Seagate Barracuda running on X58 PRO-E MSI Motherboard and I am trying to use this cloned WD drive as my bootable drive. The Windows won’t boot from this cloned WD drive. What can be wrong here? I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit system.

Which program you have cloned the hard drive? Did you cloned the entire hard drive or individual partitions? Where exactly did you connected the hard drive? Your motherboard has beside the OnChip SATA controller from Intel still one from JMicron. Don’t use the JMicron-Controller.

But it is not a good idea to use the 6 TB hard drive as the boot drive. To use the full 6 TB, the disk must be set up as a GPT disk. The BIOS of your mainboard but not support booting from a GPT disk. Only motherboards with UEFI can boot from GPT disks. Set as MBR disks, a maximum of 2.2 TB can be used by the hard drive.

Buy additionally an SSD and use it as the boot drive. Use the 6 TB disk as a storage drive for your data, but not for the operating system. That’s my recommendation.

Important! The old Matrix Storage Manager AHCI driver from Intel supports not large disks like this. You must use version 10.1 (or higher) of the Intel AHCI driver from the Rapid Storage Technology series or the standard AHCI driver from Microsoft (msahci).

I used Macrium Reflect Free to clone the existing Seagate drive and I used the WHOLE 6.0TB partition on WD drive using Windows Disk Management as a GPT disk. I think I will consider using Samsung SSD 250GB as a bootable drive. Can I migrate my existing OS (Windows 7 pro 64 bit) to the Samsung SSD and then boot from that (SSD) drive without compromising any boot issues? Thanks for your reply, though.