New 6 Tera, not working at all!


i just connected my new 6TB My Book Studio Edition II to my laptop,

at first it was fine it showed on My Computer but WD Raid Manager 

told me to do something ( don’t remeber what ), at the same time i

had windows update for WD Externak HardDrive < so i did it,

sense then when i connect my External it doesn’t show up in My

Computer & this is what WD RAID Manager is showing me:-


PS: the external doesn’t show up in Device Manager.

Did you format the drive already?

What OS?

If using Windows it needs to be reformatted.

Go into Device manager and if the drive shows delete the driver, disconnect drive and reboot the computer. After reboot reconnect the drive. That will load a fresh driver. sometimes that fixes it.


  1. Windoes 7, 64bit.

  2. i didn’t format it.

  3. it doesn’t show up in Device mangaer.

Ok then go and format the drive.

Why no one is getting what i am saying???

the harddisk doesn’t appair in My Computer NOR the Device Manager!!!

Excuse me sir but to format the drive you will go to Disk Management :wink:

AGAIN; why no one is getting me!!!

the harddisk doesn’t show up in Device Manager!!!

Since a Windows update may have caused a problem do you have  a system restore point from when the drive was working? Do you remember what you clciked in the RAID Manager? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the RAID Manager?