New 500gb passport essential, do I need to reformat -many files larger than 4gb

 User manual says maximum individual file size limit is 4gb. I have many files sizes above 4gb. for instance I  have several job files with many documents, photos etc in them and they are 8gb totals and above no single item in the folders is 4gb and above but overall file size is… Will I be able to save them in the fat32 or must is reformat to ntfs?

Will be backing up 2 computers one Vista and one xp pro.

Thank You

FAT32 has a file size limitation of 4 GB’s.  If you want to back up files larger than that, you will need to reformat the drive in NTFS.  Make sure that you save any data you have on the drive, that you want to keep, in another location before doing it.  Reformatting deletes all the data on the drive.