New 4T Passport Already Full! How to delete old backups?

Please help. My brand new 4T Passport is already full! I am running WD Backup. With the old program, you could set how many iterations of a file would be saved and older ones would delete automatically. Now, it seems like everything is backed up all the time and nothing is ever deleted. What can I do?

I did find that much of the space was taken by PST file iterations in the “History” subfolder. I manually deleted them and the backup seems to be happening. I guess it stands to reason that the PST file changes constantly, thus it would be backed up every time. I have hourly backups set, maybe I should go with daily?


Have you tried using WD Smartware?

No, I do not know what that is? Is it included or something available for purchase?

I already have WD Backup installed and running. What happens if I install Smartware over that? Should I wipe the passport, uninstall WD Backup and begin from scratch?