New 3tb mycloud and so many issues


im now to the forums, and have had a my cloud for all of 3 days, already i want to throw this thing out the door.  how can something so simple have so many issues.

  1. USB connection, forget about connecting an external usb drive, as soon as i do the whole system just falls over and not accesible.

  2. deleting files.  **bleep** is wrong with this thing, i cant delete anything, it re appears.

  3. constant warnings about security issues…

  4. painfully slow to transfer files

this is a brand new unit, with latest firmware and i have to say im really dismayed and just want to get my money back which unfortunately cant happen as the location i boght from does not allow returns… WD can you help?


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You said,  WD can you help?

I suggest you click on the Contact WD link at the bottom right of this page.

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cat0w (USA)

this is a user to user support forum, if you want to contact WD follow the previous suggestion

  1. there are a number of issues with USB drives, leave that disconnected until everything else is stable

  2. please explain how you are doing this and how the files were but there, they should not re-appear but we need details to help

  3. please post a screen shoot

  4. how slow? actual numbers. what are you using to transfer files? what is the status of the 2 LEDs by the Ethernet cable? what type and quantity of files

Ok so i was fuming when i wrote the post, ive calmed down and here are more details.

deleting files.

  1. I have copied for PDF files in the public share.  i copied 100 or so pdf files.  Once copied i wanted to organise and move to different folders, drag and drop seemed to be working ok from the network driver in windows 7 file explorer, however when i press delete using file explorer the file is no longer visible in the folder as you would expect, if i then either

  2. presss f5, 

  3. change shares and switch back

  4. move into a child directory and then back to the parent

the file will re appear, i can then click on the file and delete it again, and this process goes over and over.  If i leave everything for 5 - 10 mins, eg delete then walk away, the file stays deleted.  its as if the drive it taking a long time to catch up.

The device is connected to my network which unfortunately is currently a 10/100 router.  

When trying to drag and drop i get a  security error, which i seem to have resolved for now and this was around intranet security and i have to trust the IP address.  However all files seem to get marked as ARCHIVE in file properties for some reason when i copy to the nas.

But the biggest issues is my USB drive, its a 1tb wd elements drive, no security, works nicely directly on machine, on the device though i plug it in and hey presto it appears as a drive, but trying to access it or any other part of the nas then dies.  

Hopefully this provides some details…

the delete is driving me nuts.

ALSO some questions.

I can see the device in my itunes, and the device has some movies, and some books, no music yet, am i to assume that books and movies are not shown as items you can view in itunes?  do i manually have to to go “add files to library” to add my books back into itunes, does the itunes server not automatically pick these up?  this nas is starting to look like an expensive 3tb HDD…and i would have been better off with a portable HDD then this unit, …  itune server resticted to just music kinda **bleep** :frowning: