New 3TB My Cloud latency(?) issue


I am a proud owner of a 2TB WD My Book Live.

I use it for regular backups and filer server for my movies.

Due to the need of more bytes, I have purchased a new 3TB My Cloud, To which I have transferred all of my movies.

The My Cloud is connected, as is the MBL, to an HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 switch using Cat. 6 ethernet cables.

My media center running XBMC (Openelec) is also connected to the switch with a Cat. 6 cable.

Long story short, when watching a movie I have about 2-3 pauses in which XBMC buffers.

I know it is not an infrastructure problem as that never happened with the old MBL. The My Cloud is running the latest firmware too.

And so, I would really appreciate any help from you guys : )

Thanks in advance!


Also did a test with “LAN Speed Test”:

Test File: W:\NW_SpeedTest.dat
Write Time = 188.4423619 Seconds
Write Speed = 382.0796960 Mbps
Read Time = 173.3345015 Seconds
Read Speed = 415.3818160 Mbps

That’s with a 9000Mb’s file.

just offhand I am thinking that WD is still in the process of scanning all your movie files. Depending on the number of movies and other media files, and hoping that it doesn’t get stuck on any of your media files, the scan should complete soonish (a couple of days - 2 years :P)

Hah, That’s an interesting idea : )

But according to the dash board the content scan is “Idle”.

That, and I have disabled content scanning for movie, I do not use dlna for movies, only for music.

XBMC does all the content scanning : )

And as you have seen, the read speed is completely fine, it’s just as if the My Cloud loses connection for a moment and causes buffering issues.

in that case, I’m assuming that this pause occurs during the movie as when we are watching the movie always buffers ahead… then when it gets to a certain point it buffers again… to find that you Cloud is asleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Try turning off the sleep mode…  

I have considered that, might give it a go next time I watch a movie.

However, it is not a practical solution, even if it does work so…

It takes about 10 minutes to “idle” the Cloud – so if your media player is buffering 10 minutes worth of video, it has a *LOT* of buffer memory.

But keep in mind, “Content Scan Idle” does NOT mean it’s still not transcoding / thumbnailing media.

Content Scan is just searching for new or changed media.   

Log in via SSH and do the “top” command and see what’s running.

Nothing major is running, twonky isn’t doing much it seems. Just noticed I don’t have any shares on twonky.

So that’s not an issue.

I don’t know anymore, maybe I’ll just RMA this thing :confounded: