New 3TB ext Drive not detected/recognised by WD TV

Hi All,

I have scanned the forums to fix this and tried some options in other posts but must be doing something wrong. Maybe something obvious. Let me start by saying i love the box, awesome! So much so that i wanted to upgrade my 1TB usb ext drive to a 3TB drive. So i bought a seagate 3tb drive and an external usb enclosure.

First i plugged the drive straight in to my windows 7 64bit comp and formatted it as GPT to allow the full 3TB. I then copied one movie on to make sure it works. put it in to the USB enclosure, tested on comp. Works fine. plug in to WD TV and the white light blinks twice and thats it.

I read another post about the size of the drives being an issue, so i created two 1.5 TB partitions, GPT still and copied a movie on to each to test but the same result. Works on comp but not in WD TV drive. Light blinks twice.

Next i think maybe its GPT that is not compatible with the WD TV Live so i convert to MBR but this only gives me use of the 2TB with the remainder unable to be used. This Works! but only with the 2TB available. So so far have pretty much wasted £40.00 as couldve purchased a 2TB drive which is a pain.

So i am wondering how this device supports 3TB and how i can setup my drive to use this?

Thanks for any info!


WD TV Live (Streaming Media Player)


Latest Firmware: 1.12.14

ok after having another little play i got it working. Whether its the correct way is another thing lol, but it works.

My problem was trying to be clever and put the drive in to my computer first (mainly for speed of transfering files via sata). When the drive is in my computer, setting the drive to MBR and creating the 2TB MBR partition renders the rest of the drive unusable. GPT sppeared to be completely unreadable by the WD TV. One other thing it could be that i didnt try was whether it requires a certain NTFS allocation unit size?

Anyway, Putting the drive in to the usb enclosure and plugging in to the computer via USB allows me to create another MBR partition on the final 746 or so GB left on the drive. This means i can now use the full drive. One 2TB MBR Partition and one 746GB Partition.

I copied a couple of movies on to each partition and now when plugging in to the WD TV Live box both partitions are read and all movies display together.

So thats good. Ashame its not clear cut though and have to mess around a little.