New 2TB Element drive very slow testing

I have dual core 8GB memory Dell laptop on Windows 7.

I bought the WD Element 2TB drive from a very large online retailer. I also ordered a small trash can at the same time. They sent both in the same box (large) and there was NO packing material to keep anything from bouncing around. I knew something was wrong when I picked up the box and heard the hard drive moving. I took a picture of it, and figured I’d give it a go.

The drive seems to accept files okay, but my video files couldn’t be read (I know its not the software, videos are okay on the C: drive. I tested the drive with the WD Data Lifeguard software. The quick test passed in 3-4 minutes, but the extended test took 18 hours 34 minutes. I have another 2TB drive that passes tests in 4 hours. Both the quick and extended tests came back clean.

I tried running HDTune, and according to my unscientific calculations, it would have taken about the same time to complete.

I’m really getting antsy about this thing failing or having a short lifespan, even though the tests were okay. Has anyone ever done the extended test on a 2TB drive that takes this long? Thanks

Hello spelingchampeon,

Extended Test performs a Full Media Scan to detect bad sectors and attempt to repair them, or mark the damaged sector for not to be written to. This test may take several hours to complete due to the data to be used by another application or depending on the size of the drive.

However, the drive is fine as both tests are passed. So you can format the drive to check the performance after taking the backup of important data files.

Thank you for your response asp73! I’m a little nervous …but if WD D.L. software says its good… I’ll go with that.