New 1TB Passport not seen by Windows Vista

My new 1TB Passport drive won’t show in Windows explorer.  I’ve swapped cables and ports, rebooted and doubles checked that I’m using the last WD drivers. All check out fine.

The light suggests activity of some sort and I have heard the drive spin. It shows as WD My Passport 0748 USB Device when trying to stop hardware so any idea what’s going on?

Clue: Is it possible that my existing SmartWare install (I have a 2TB My Book Essential also) is screwing this up?

Any help appreciated.

Does the drive show in Disk management and does it have a drive letter assigned?



I am having also the same proble.

I am connecting my passport 3.0 in windows 7.

Its showing the light blinking on the device. but the device is not showing up in the driver list.

please let me know if any solution.

Thanks in advance. 

Please see Joe’s suggestion. If this does not resolve the issue, let us know.