New 10TB Drive model 0G05016 only 320 GB


My new 10TB 0G05016 only shows as 320 GB on my MacBookAir with DiskUtility. When clicking on the main physical disk, I see “G-DRIVE USB Media. 320.07 GB USB External Physical Disk”. When I try to partition this disk, the +/- keys do not allow the addition of partitions because they are greyed out. The blue pie circle shows a total of 320 GB in the middle. The single partition can’t be resized. Erased this disk and formatted as exfat and GUID Partition Table.

I’d like to attach a screengrab from MacOS Disk Utilities, but I don’t see how to do this on this forum. Dragging the image file here doesn’t do it.

Thanks for any help

Which Mac OS are you on?

I would recommend calling in for this one. We’ve never heard of our drives reporting incorrect capacity. 888.426.5214

Thanks, I’ll call in .

MacBookAir :
MacOS 10.12.4
Disk Utility 16.3 ( 1579.1 )

I’ll try my MacBookPro 10.11.6 with Disk Utlity 15.0 ( 1511.3.1 ) and report back.

I called in today. Your support fellow had me change the USB cable, then recommended that I return the drive.