New 1.5 TB Green upgrade existing Vista 32 to W7 64

I have a new 1.5 TB Green and want to upgrade my desktop computer from Vista 32 to W7 64.

The existing hd is a 250 GB (Acer) running Vista 32 Ultimate. I would like to install W7 64 on the new 1.5 TB Green and use it as the main drive and boot from it. I would also like to use the existing 250GB Acer drive as a secondary drive.

I have bought the Windows 7 Premium Home upgrade and understand that I will have to use a “Custom install” of W7 to move to the 64 bit version. 

The Vista Ultimate is an OEM version and I was not provided with a Vista bootable DVD. The old 250 GB drive is the current boot drive.  BTW - I do have the sticker on the side of the computer with the authentication code.

I have backed-up all my important files to a USB drive and am ready to install the new 1.5 Green and Windows 7 upgrade.

How do I ensure that the new 1.5 TB green is the boot drive and what is the best way to do this upgrade?


Dual-Boot with older Vista will not be possible with the Upgrade version. 

You will need to connect the 1.5TB drive to the SATA port 0 and make sure the Boot sequence is correctly set.