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Hi, I am a new user, just got a WD My Cloud for my birthday last Wednesday. After about 6 hours trying to set it up I finally managed to transfer a few photos and some music off my old PC - hardly any data, about 5GB I think. My main issue is that since I plugged it in it has been whirring away furiously and is giving out a lot of heat 24/7. Is there any way to shut these things off? I have gone to Dasboard and ensured that Drive Sleep is turned on - it is, but doesn’t seem to have made any difference - it’s still whirring away. I have bought this My Cloud purely so I can stream music over SONOS in my house. That is literally the only thing I will use it for. I will probably only use the drive about once or twice a week for this (I’ve got young kids so not much time for listening to my music at the moemnt). I really don’t want the drive on at all in between these times - shall I just pull the plug, and plug it back in when I need it occaisonally? Any advice from people more experienced very much appreciated…

Every Pc connected to mycloud must be sleeping or Turned off for the mycloud to do the same. Don’t know any other solution

Hello, every time you add new files to the My Cloud the content scanner will start working, once it finishes the My Cloud will go into standby mode, no need to turn it off. You can read more about this on page 48 of the My Cloud manual.

My Cloud manual

Once you have everything you want uploaded on the My Cloud and it has finished scanning, indexing etc. it should go into HDD Standby Mode. I have mine setup on a daily schedule set for Monday and Friday.

I was having trouble after the last FirmWare update and had a work order in to WD. They had been working with me to solve the problem. I am not sure what they did today but my My Cloud is going back into HDD Standby Mode now.

You may want to read this information from the knowledge base too.

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