Never ending nested folder

I have a my cloud mirror 2nd gen with two 2tb drives. The drives are mapped separately as “public” and “private”. Somehow I have managed to create a subfolder on the public drive that acts like a link to itself. For example, in the root directory I have an image named park.jpg and folder named public. When I click on the public folder, it opens a folder with an image named park.jpg and a folder named public. Opening that folder brings me back to the exact same spot despite windows explorer being one directory down.

I backed up that drive and then tried to delete the folder named public and many minutes of activity, everything was deleted except the folder named public, which responded just like before. I was going to pull the “private” drive and then attempt to reformat the “public” drive but I was curious if anyone knows what I’ve done so I could fix it through the dashboard.

Thanks in advance for your input.


Hi @repke95,

This is to inform you that, we can not delete the Public folder on My Cloud device.

The Public share of a My Cloud has the value of Public set to ON from the factory.

I have had almost the same nested folder problem BUT on my USB MYBook backup external disk connected to my WD 4 disk NAS units.

There are 2 USB external drives on port 1 and port 2 but only one had the nested folder.

I did see an old post before about the problem but as I have no problems or storage loss I left it alone.

Might be interesting to know if that folder copies to a USB backup and then it may be possible to restore just that share.

Thanks Neha. I don’t mind having a public folder. I just don’t understand why they currently are numerous public folders nested within each other. Maybe I’ll move everything off of that drive and see if formatting the drive will help.