NEVER buy any WD products again!

I have been dealing with a MAJOR data loos on my crappy WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra.
This is a brand new (3-4 months) device that I bought to have backup and a better place to store my files.
This was purchased as my safety-net, my comfort data pillow, my no more worries device.
Instead the darn thing fails and causes 30+ years of business & personal data loss.

Their tech support, that hardly speaks english, is a joke. Giving me 3rd grade solutions (reboot, unplug, knock on wood, etc.) and not really there to help, more like avoid real answers and give you the run-around.

I personally find it beyond ridiculous that a company that’s been manufacturing Data Storage hardware for decades does not provide solutions for data loss/recovery while they have ALL the experience, knowledge and resources to do so.

The amount of users on this forum that complain about Data loss on WD products SPEAKS VOLUMES!

The fact that not only WD doesn’t offer data recovery, but recommend companies on their website makes you wonder if they also get “referral fees” and find it easier to make money while others do the work.

And this whole Hardware Encryption deal that stands in the way of solving data loss problems which you only learn about here (user forums) after you’ve had problems is another scam/sham/bam.

Shame on you Western Digital. On your poor dysfunctional products and worse customer support and problem solving capabilities!

Shame on me (and everyone else) if I ever purchase any of your products again.

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I am having trouble getting my money back from a returned defective drive. And there is no way to contact the person in charge of these issues. There is only a technical support line. Can anyone HELP me?

Im having the same problem here too. I only had my hard drive for a few days and then it stopped working while I was uploading files. How was this possible to happen to me? I’m not getting help at all.

They also told me that they can send me another one, but how can I trust that next hard drive if it happens again to me. The best solution for this company is to offer a recover program of their own when they give unworking hard drives.

What kills me is they must not give a ■■■■ either…I see no answers even on Twitter. I am telling everyone I can on social media to NEVER purchase any WD products…they’re too big for their darn britches obviously…my stupid easy store will NOT back up at all…did the first time and that was it. I’m sick of these big corps using the little guy’s money. TRASHY and SHAMEFUL…all the money they get and do not support their products?
Well I’m off to let others know how low this company really is.

I am planning to buy EX4100 on my birthday.
Getting confused after reading this thread.