Networking Windows 7 and Macs with MyWorldBooks

If your having issues networking your devices, then here are a few simple suggestions that will help you:

  1. DHCP is enabled on Wireless Router and each devices has it’s own ip address reserved
  • example Windows box is
  • example mac devices is
  • example my world book is …250
  • ps3 is …240

This way a devices ip address won’t change, if it changes then you might have issues finding or connecting to it.

  1. UPNP is not enabled on my router, but is enabled on devices. This helps each device find each other.

  2. Enable SMB and/or AppleTalk on Windows Devices that you want Mac Devices to be able to read shared folders from.

  3. Enable AFP and/or SMB on MyWorldBooks

  4. Enable File Sharing on Mac Devices that you want to share with Windows Devices.

  5. Workgroups - Make sure you all devices are configured with the same work group using Administrator Priviledged Accounts. This includes:

  • Windows Machines > right click on my computer/computer > select properties > advanced properties > computer name > change
  • MyWorldBook - usually found under advanced tab > network > groups
  • Mac Devices - usually found in the system preferences > network > advanced > wins
  1. Windows Accounts - It is very helpful to create/add user accounts = to those on your mac devices with the same username and passwords. This will allow Mac Devices to be able to access windows devices. It is not necessary to do the same on your Mac Devices as they are not that picky.
  2. MyWorldBook Accounts - It is also very helpful to create/add the same user accout names and passwords = to those on your Windows Accounts. This will enable you both Mac and Windows devices to easily find and authenticate to the Network Storage Device MyWorldBook.
  3. Restart Devices after you’ve made configurations, especially in Windows Devices so services can be restarted and broadcasted if necessary.

Mac Devices Connecting to Windows Device (try without port, as your port may be different, I allowed windows to determine its own port)

  1. Click on Finder > Go > Connect to Server (type smb://(computer name of windows device:139))
  • example smb://WindowsBoxName:139

Mac Devices to MyWorldBook

  1. Click on Finder > Go > Connect to Server (type afp://(ip address of myworldbook /WD_Backup/))
  • example afp://

  • example afp://

  • example afp://

PS3 to MyWorldBook (No Username or Password Configured Here!)

The Public folder in MyWorldBook is visible to all devices on your network. Having the same workgroup and username helps a bunch. Don’t worry about creating an account for your PS3, as it can see the public folders already, unless you created usernames and password restrictions for public folders on the MyWorldBook network storage device.

Hope this has been helpful and please comment if you have anything to add or find anything too confusing!



My current network setuo includes PCs running Win XP and one running Win7 RC1. The Win7 PC cannot connect to the network drives on the My World Book if the NAS is already running, but can connect if the NAS is rebooted after the Win7 PC is already running.

There are many reviews of the MWB which cuggest that there are significant compatibility issues with Win7. Guidance from WD on this issue would be welcome.