Networking problems

Hi there,

Not sure if this was already answered, if so I couldnt find it.

I recently just bought a WDTVLHUB and when I go into ‘videos’ then ‘set content source’ and choose ‘network share’ then on my computer name.

(I just want to be able to access the network from the WDTVLHUB and watch movies from my comp in the lounge.)

Then the video section just dim’s the light in and out and displays the arrow rotating in a circle, I thought this was the WDTVLIVEHUB scraping the video information as I haa it set up for a scraper in XBMC. is this the case?

I left it on overnight, for about 7/8 hours and awoke to the same screen.

Please help!

Thanks in advance

No, the Hub doesn’t automatically scrape for data.

So you’re saying that after 8 hours, the spinning arrow is still there?   That’s a whole different issue.

I’ve never come across that.

dang, that aint good news.

But yeh it is still spinning after 8 hours, the wierd thing though is that when the arrow is spinning and I click the red button to get back to the set content scren and click netwwork share and then my computer name, it will then show my folders that are shared, videos and all and I can play them…

Its only the original time I open the videos tab from the homescreen that the arrow spins…

And it does that EVERY time you start from the home screen?   Or just the first time?

What version of FW are you using?

And what kind of computer is the sharing server?

Its doing it every time I go ino the video tab from the home screen,

got the latest firmware…

and the video files are on a windows 7 quad core,

Im currently scraping my movies and series hopefully that will sort it out.

it seems to have sorted itself out, with a format and a device reset.

It was strange though, also is there a way for my wdtv live hub to automatically recognize scraped movie information or am I stuck just going through my Media Library and pressing ‘get content info’ one by one?

I have scraped the info but all my films are in just one folder not seperate folders for each film, with the information all in the one folder aswell.

Is this my problem, do I just need to make a folder for each film and place the film with the info in there?