Networking problems

I am reposting my previous post as did not got any answer and its two weeks old.

In short - unfortunately peoples in WDC online support have not the best  competence. Only advice I got - try to connect wired to WD TV Hub  - in my case - it isn’t a option.

Problem description:

After some while, it can vary, PC stop copy file to WD TV Live HUB (further - WD)and got error message

Network error

There is a problem accessing \\WDTVLiveHub

“Make sure you are connected to the network and try again”

System description:

PC - with Windows 7 Ultimate wired connection to router

Router: Linksys WRT54GH Firmware

WD Firmware 2.03.24 connected with wireless USB adapter LinkSys WUSB100 V2

Time ago  I got many packets lost. That were solved after I changed settings in router for wireless connections- specified channel to 11, almost no lost packets - reports 0%.

Anyway problem still exist -

  1. Using WD Discovery I map WD TV LIVE HUB as network disk Z:

  2. Start copy video files over to WD mapped drive. Sometimes I succeed, but usually I’m getting network error.

Interesting that I can create delete folders, delete/rename files, but when I start to copy - got network error again.

During this error - all pings goes ok! Almost no lost packets. Also  nbtstat shows that all is ok.

Not sure, but I can reestablish connection with turning on/off WD.

Vinituu wrote:

  Almost no lost packets.

Almost is not good enough.   If there are ANY lost packets, there’s something wrong with your network.

Almost no lost packets - its after 1 hour tracing host I got 5 lost packets. It can be caused by anything. And - file transfer foes over tcp-ip protocol and it means that all lost packets will be retransmitted. That can’t cause a network connection lose. What is ridiculous - after I fail to copy files to hub - I am still able to manage files on it or - take one another attempt to copy.

From my observing - success in copying files I can get after I turn off/on hub from power. Then I can copy over wireless network some files.

the problem is on the network, go to setting and network connection and there is check network connection. try checking your network.:smileyvery-happy: