Networking My Book Live Duo

I’m sorry if I missed locating this quetion but I feel it is unique and have yet to find an answer.

I have my internet coming into my house which is then split by an 8 port wired router/switch (IP 1.1)  to every room of my house. At the end of the line in my living room, I have a 4 port switch only. At the end of my office line I have an Asus wireless router (IP 2.1). My two main computers are connected to the wireless router ane the obviously multiple wireless devices. The hard lines are just for TVs, PS3, guests, and a couple of other devices.

If I connect My Book Live Duo to the 8 port wired router or the 4 port switch (all under IPs 1.1) then any hard wired device can connect to it. but no wireless device. If I connect the drive to my Asus wireless router, only wifi devices can connect to it.

I would like for ALL devices, hard line or wifi, to be able to connect to the drive. Are there any suggestions for where I could place the drive in the line? Maybe change IP address or something in the internal software of a router or switch to pass the traffic through?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm, i would say, the problem is that, as far as i understand, you have 2 subnets at home.  Your wireless Router is really routing the 2.1 network to the 1.1 network.

I dont understand, why this is necessary. Cant you put everything into one single subnet and just use the WIFI switch for bridgeing? I also suggest that you use a DHCP server (Guess your internet router is capable of that) and use the recommended IP range. That is not supposed to be 1.1 or 2.1, it will rather be like  10.0.0.x or 168.192.x.x (These are the recommended IP ranges reserved for private networks)

As long as you have 2 different networks, i dont know a solution fo access the MBL from both networks easily. This question is also not really regarding the MBL, its more a general networking problem. Maybe you will get more support in a forum for network issues