Networking issues (no media found)

I am having two seperate networking issues, the first problem is with the Asus n-13 wireless adapter I purchased with the device. I bought because it was on the capability list provided by WD, and the device doesn’t recognize it at all. Is there something I have to do to get the device to see the adapter plugged in? The second issue is when I am just using a ethernet cable the access the network and my shared folders on my desktop. I can see the folders just fine (for example ‘Movies’), but when I click to open the folder I get the error “There is no media in the current folder.” I have look around on the forums and seen that this is a common issue. I have let it sit there for quite a while to let it index (250 gig folder). My network settings are all as they should be using windows settings. Can somebody please give me a few tips I can try?

Thanks Cody

What WDTV do you have and what firmware is on it.

WD TV Live running 1.04.17

You need to double check the permissions of the FILES.

For some strange reason, that I don’t fully grasp, sometimes Windows will apply the specified permissions to the FOLDER ONLY, but the files iNSIDE the folder have permissions that don’t allow the WD to find them.

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Well, I just tried the suggestion from Steph and it isn’t working still. No clue why. Now with the whole permission thing not being set right for the individual files, do I need to go to every video file and set permissions for everybody? Could you expand on that a little?

Well, try it with ONE FILE first, and if that works, you can set ALL of them in one swoop.

What often works is to MOVE the files OUT of the shared folder, and then MOVE them BACK to the shared folder.   That sometimes resets the permissions.

I’ve got it working… turns out that I didn’t have the permissions set to “EVERYONE.” So thanks for the help. As regard to my other question, anybody have any idea why I can get the media player to recognize my ASUS N-13 adapter? Don’t I just need to plug it in and go?