Networked Storage with Macbook Pro, iPhone and iPad

Hi all,

I am a cruise ship musician looking to network my cabin.  I have a lot of Movies, TV, and Music on my hard drive and have a projector and speakers in my cabin… that means a LOT of chords plugged into my computer just to watch tv.  I want to simplify by having a router and networked storage.  My thought is to get a MyBook Live and plug it into a small router.  Ideally this router would be an Airport Express which is also plugged into my speakers.  I have read that the express is not really a router and so plugging a MyBook Live into it will do nothing for making my media wireless.

Has anyone had any luck with this?  If not what other portable routers do you recommend?  I just really like the idea of an airport express as the hub for my speakers (airplay) and media, so I can play ALL of my music through my iPod over the speakers wirelesly.



I, for one, would ask the on-board IT folks for guidance.   Whatever you do will have to work with ships’ systems and not interfere with on-board wireless, lest you [Deleted] the passengers because your WiFi is interfering with the stuff they are paying to use…

I’m not concerned about that, I know people have routers in their cabins and it doesn’t effect anything.

I’m concerned with the compatibility of the Airport Express with the MyBook Live… and if the airport express doesn’t work what another good mobile option is.