Networked Mybook

I have a 1TB USB Mybook Essential connected to an Addonics NASU2 USB to ethernet adapter. The NASU2 cannot see the drive.  The drive works fine when connected to my computer and the adapter works fine when connected to another USB device.  It just doesn’t see the Mybook.  Both the drive and the adapter have the latest firmware. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

In this case you may contact Addonics to verify compatibility with the My Book Essential.

Verify what file system and capacity the adapter supports

I am in contact with Addonics support and they have pretty much hit a wall.  According to them they have only seen this problem with drives utilizing a  4k cluster size and the adapter only supports FAT32.  I have manually formatted the drive accordingly and have thus far been unsuccessful.  I have also tried an assortment of file systems and cluster sizes to no avail.  I have also used a 4GB USB thumb drive formatted in a variety of ways and the adapter has detected it every time. There has to be something in the USB to Sata adapter on the mybook that’s preventing this from occurring. 

Well the whole 4K drive cluster should not be taken in to consideration when using external drive

did the manufacturer mentioned anything about capacity limit on the adapter?

According to Addonics 2TB is the maximum and my drive is a 1TB