WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.

Computer —>  Switch -----> WD    all hard wired with cat 5

Do I have to assign the ip of the computer in order to see anything? There is no internet hooked up to the switch if I want to use the internet I turn on the wireless card when I need or want it. I assume that someone has posted this question on how to set it up before. If anyone has that answer on how to hook it up or a link to what someone has already posted thank you.

I can see my media share files when I have the wireless on. The only reason I don’t do the wireless is the house is in this funky dead zone. Wireless and cell phone signal will go up or down or disappear depending on the day and the weather conditions outside.

You need to setup a wired connection to access the files in the PC. Check page 21 of the manual for the steps. 


How to share a folder in Windows that can be viewed with the WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Hub, or Live Plus

I looked at what you were saying on page 21 I reset my device first of it did not make a difference. I changed all the workgroups back to workgroup before I changed it was entertainment, that did not help.

This is the setup I have   Computer<----------->Switch<----------------->WDTV  no internet is connected to the devices

I have no issues running wireless except the wireless is horrible with hd content, low grade content like dvds seem to play fine.

I appreciate your reply and any directions that you may suggest.

Firexcpro wrote:> This is the setup I have   Computer<----------->Switch<----------------->WDTV  no internet is connected to the devices

I assume you are saying that this is your entire network setup?  In order to get this to work, you will need to manually assign appropriate static IP addresses to the computer and to the wdtv:

A network device must be have an IP address.  Adresses can be assigned automatically by a DHCP server on your network or they can be assigned manually.  Your wifi router probably runs a DHCP server by default so your system works when using wifi.  Neither your computer nor your switch run DHCP servers (typically).  This means you will have to assign them manually.  This means supplying three pieces of info to the computer and the wdtv:  (1) IP address, (2) subnet mask, and (3) gateway IP address.

While I could tell you how to do this for the above setup (and it is quite easy), it sounds like you want to be able to get on the Internet at times via the wifi router, which means whatever you set up on your computer and wdtv has to be consistent with the wifi router.  But I have no idea how that is set up.

A better idea seems to be to hook your entire network together, so that you always have Internet access, and all networking info is consistent (since it will all use the wifi router’s DHCP).  From what you are saying about Internet access, I am assuming that your wifi router is connected to your cable modem (or similar device),  or is even integrated with it.  Most wifi routers have several wired ports as well, so you should be able to connect the wifi router to the switch you showed above using an Ethernet cable.  This should make the router’s DHCP server (I am assuming it runs one from what you say) available to the computer and the wdtv device, which should get everything to be able to talk to one another (then you just need to get Windows shares setup properly).

If what I have said about connecting the wifi router to the switch doesn’t make sense (or it is not doable), then please provide some more info about your wifi router (and Internet connection) and physical layout.