Network Workgroup


Hope you all had a nice X-Mas.

I have W2K8 R2 Domain controller in my home network for testing purposes. I recognized that WD Live is not able to see shares on any server that is joined to the domain.

I configured a new W2K8 Server, but in this case the server is not joined to domain. The server is now a member of the workgroup HOME, as same as the wd  live is.

Still no access to my shares.

Then I tried to setup a fresh virtual W7 installation, configured the workgroup and voilà…

The strange thing is, now I can access the shares that are published by the domain controller. No Idea which condition must be set to see the shares. I did not tried this with a linux setup, but I think this should be work too…


The WD Live is not able to see hidden shares.

Is it planned in a future firmware release to connect to a share in a native way via SMB/CIFS? It does not make sense if you have to be in a workgroup to connect a share.



hi im in the same boat as your self … so to get your domain shares to show up on WDTV, you setup a W7 VM and left it within a workgroup? hmmm i might try that …