Network woes

Hi all,

I just purchased a N750 and what a nightmare.

Initialy I had a Motorola cable modem connected (ext IP) to a Vonage VDV22-VC ( DHCP enabled) to a N750 ( DHCP enabled).

When I plugged everything in, it all appeared to work.

Then I tried to use my WD mini to stream some video and my stream server did not appear (win 7) so I tried to remote desktop to it and no connection.

I rebooted the N750 and still the same problem. Then I noticed my wifi stopped working with my laptop, then the other desktop.

Rebooting appeared to have resolved some of the issues, but only temporally.

I called WD support and after about 30 minutes of troubleshooting, it was recommended I switch to AP mode. I thought this resolved my issue but this morning the 1 box that uses a static IP address stopped working.

I could not do a DNS lookup nor ping the gateway. I switch it from a static IP address to dynamic and it started to work. I had to leave so I’m not sure if it’s still operating

My preference is to use the N750 as a router so I can get the features I purchased it for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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ggenovez wrote:

Hi all,


I just purchased a N750 and what a nightmare.


Understatement of the year…  Buy a N900 or a central, the nightmares get bigger!

LOL :smileyvery-happy: