Network with multiple NAS (MBL/MBLDuo). Only original MBL shows up on Dashboard

So I’ve had a My Book Live 2TB and all is well.

I just bought a My Book Live Duo 4TB and hooked it up.

Both units are connected to router via Ethernet.

I can connect to and access both units by clicking Windows>Computer>Network…

My original MBL-2TB shows up on My Book Live Dashboard, but I can’t access the new MBL-4TB to fiddle with the settings.

Any ideas?  

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome, have you tried disconnecting the My Book Live Duo to discard any conflicts that might be happening? You can also try installing WD Link and access the dashboard from there. Click on the following link for the steps. 

Using WD Link to access the Dashboard or Network Storage Manager of a WD network hard drive