Network Visibility

I just changed my network router. I now cannot access my WD 1TB Hard Drive.

I think what has happened is that the new router assigned a new range of IP addresses to the Network, different to the IP address range of my old router. MY WD Hard Drive has an IP address outside that new range. 

I have since accessed the new router and increased its range to include the numbers for the WD Hard Drive.

But still I can’t see the WD hard Drive on the Network. It appears that the WD Hard Drive is static. I would like to change it to a number within the factory-default settings of the new router, but can’t see how to do that. Can anybody help?

Alternatively, I would like to connect the Hard Drive direct to my Windows 7 PC in order to access the file backups on it. I have tried plugging in a USB - Hard Drive to PC - but my PC still can’t see the Hard Drive.

Can anybody help with either of these two things?

The Hard Drive appears to be functioning properly, but won’t let me see its file system. (Typically, just when I really need to get some information from it!)

I have tried the WD Discovery Software but this can’t find anything either.

Many Thanks

Are all devices connected to the same router?

The drive will get the IP assigned for your LAN , the router will not assign an IP that can not be accessed on your LAN

You can connect the drive to the computer directly and assign an static IP if you want

Reset the drive for it to go back to DHCP in the event it already had an static one