Network User access denial via File Explorer


I have the WD MyCloud EX2 as NAS storage to which I am moving local client files into Public subfolders as a secondary backup. While I have no issues from my laptop accessing the Public folder via Windows File Explorer - two of my client desktops receive DENIED ACCESS messages when navigating to the same folders over the network tree - however they have no issues opening the folder within the “My Cloud” application I put on the desktop. The issue is that on both my laptop and their desktop clients (users setup with identical security priveledges) I am using a 3rd party email file backup utility called “SafePST” to save the email pst files. It requires navigating to the WD MyCloud device via File Explorer. Any ideas? I’ve checked all settings on the user accounts on the WD device as well - their profiles mirror my own. I am stumped. Thanks,

Does the workgoup match as well? Or is the unit working as part of a domain?

This is part of a domain as NAS. Thanks

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